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wikimapR, an R package for importing Wikimapia data as Simple Features via API

wikimapR is an R package for accessing the raw vector data from Wikimapia via official Wikimapia API. Map data is returned as Simple Features (sf) objects with some of the object details included as nested lists.

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rang (Re)constructing R computational environments

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OpenTripPlanner R package to set up and use OpenTripPlanner (OTP) as a local or remote multimodal trip planner.


geofacet R package for geographical faceting with ggplot2.


esri2sf R package for scraping features from ArcGIS Server REST API and create simple features dataframe.


MicroDatosEs R package providing utilities for reading and processing microdata from Spanish official statistics.


PlaceSyntaxTool plugin for QGIS. PST is a tool for performing space syntax and regular accessibility analyses. It currently consists of two main parts - a C++ and Python library called Pstalgo and a plugin for the desktop application QGIS.