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Retrieves objects in the given boundary box either with or without geometry. May also fetch just the metadata.


  page = 1,
  n_per_page = 100,
  language = "en",
  category = NULL,
  get_location = TRUE,
  wm_api_key = getOption("wikimapia_api_key", default = "example"),
  meta_only = FALSE



a numeric vector of length 4, with xmin, ymin, xmax and ymax values; or a `bbox` object that is an output of st_bbox. The values must be in WGS 84 (EPSG 4326)


This is page number. 1 is default. There are usually more objects in a bounding box than the limit of 100 objects per page. Therefore you need to specify page other than 1 to get other objects. The returned list object contains number of found features and the required number of pages to retrieve them all.


This is a variable that determines the number of results per page. 100 is default (5 min, 100 max). This is `count` parameter in Wikimapia terminilogy, but different name is used here so that it does not conflict with the `dplyr::count()` function.


Wikimapia language to retrieve. This is specified language in ISO 639-1 format. Default language is 'en'.


This is wikimapia category code: category=17 - Shop, category=203 - School etc. (a detailed list will be published later) or category text query in UTF-8: category=School, category=Church etc. Default is NULL to get all categories.


Specifies whether to get location (centroid) and polygon geometry. You may want to disable it if you are only using the wm_get_from_bbox to estimate the number of objects to reduce the returned object size.


Your wikimapia API Key. If not specified, the default 'example' key is used, however it is limited to about 1 request per 30 seconds and is for testing purposes only.


only return metadata from the response, do not return feature attributes or geometry.


If `meta_only = FALSE` returns a list with data.frame of object attributes (and object geometry if `get_location = TRUE`). If `meta_only = TRUE` only returns metadata of the responce: the number of objects in the bounding box (`found`), version, language, current page, current `n_per_page`. If `get_location = TRUE` returns a list object with `sf polygons` with all object attributes, `sf points` with all object attributes (the centroids), and also the metadata described above.


Currenlty only supports bbox parameter, but not &lon_min, &lat_min, &lon_max, &lat_max and not &x, &y, &z for tiles. `Box`` endpoint is claimed to be deprecated, but the `Place.Getbyarea` does not seem to work properly.